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Simplify member change messages

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A new version is available on F-droid!
Changes include:
- Implement direct chats correctly!
- Use user user avatar as chat avatar if direct
- Hide user name in direct chat
- Use names of room members if no room name is set
(whether the chat is direct or not)
- Add border to left of replied-to messages to easily
differentiate them
- Show redaction events!
- Use icons instead of letters if chat has no avatar
- Use different icons for direct chats than group chats
(and in the future public chats)
- Use user color for direct chats if the user has no avatar
- Simplify member change messages ('Pat has joined' -> 'Pat joined', etc)
- Tweak font sizes (thanks to [Mathieu Velten](!
- Change date header style (smaller and full caps)
![Preview image](
To install this release, add the following repo in F-droid:
And install 'Pattle'.
......@@ -72,22 +72,22 @@ class Strings {
// Member change events
List<TextSpan> hasJoined(TextSpan name)
=> [name, TextSpan(text: ' has joined')];
=> [name, TextSpan(text: ' joined')];
List<TextSpan> hasLeft(TextSpan name)
=> [name, TextSpan(text: ' has left')];
=> [name, TextSpan(text: ' left')];
List<TextSpan> hasBeenBanned(TextSpan banee, TextSpan banner)
=> [
TextSpan(text: ' has been banned by '),
TextSpan(text: ' was banned by '),
List<TextSpan> hasBeenInvited(TextSpan invitee, TextSpan inviter)
=> [
TextSpan(text: ' has been invited by '),
TextSpan(text: ' was invited by '),
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