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Specify device name on login

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A new version has been pushed to F-Droid, Google Play and TestFlight!
Pattle is now available on [Google Play](
and the [official F-Droid repository](!
⚠️ **F-Droid users** ⚠️: The old repository ( is *gone*! Please
use the official F-Droid repository.
Expect the new version to be on most platforms in 2 days.
### Changes
- Fix UI not updating on sync!
- Add ability to send images from your gallery!
- Use Material Design on iOS (although with slight changes to fit iOS)
- Reporting errors to Sentry is now optional, you can choose so at login time
I do urge everyone to enable it to help me develop Pattle!
- Show a dialog with the option to choose between register and login
if the server does not have the ability to check for username availability
- Show notification count in chat overview
Default notifications will be grey, highlighted notifications will be red.
Chats with unread notifications will always show on top.
- Send read markers and receipts when a chat is opened for 2 seconds
- Add ability to show password while logging in
- Pattle will now show up as 'Pattle Android' or 'Pattle iOS' in the device
- Decrease spacing between items
- Fix spacing of messages when sending a new message
- Numerous other fixes
### Get Pattle
- **Android**
- **[F-Droid](**
- **[Google Play](**
- **[APK](**
- **[iOS (TestFlight)](**
### Issues or suggestions
If you stumble upon any issues or would like to suggest features,
[please do so here](!
You can [login via GitHub and](!
### Follow development
Follow development in [](!
### Support me
If you would like to support me, you can do so
via [Liberapay]( and
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -190,7 +190,11 @@ class StartBloc extends Bloc {
subject: _loginSubj,
request: (addError) {
.login(_username, password, store: di.getStore())
.login(_username, password,
store: di.getStore(),
device: Device(
name: 'Pattle ${Platform.isAndroid ? 'Android' : 'iOS'}',
.then((user) {
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ packages:
name: matrix_sdk
url: ""
source: hosted
version: "0.23.4"
version: "0.23.7"
dependency: "direct main"
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ dependencies:
injector: ^1.0.8
matrix_sdk: ^0.23.4
matrix_sdk: ^0.23.7
matrix_sdk_sqflite: ^0.17.2
sqflite: ^1.1.6
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